The Choices You Make Effect Your Life

I have a brother that has been on drugs off, and on all his adult life.   He makes excuses for using, and then turns around and say I don’t want to make excuses.  One  excuse he makes is,  If it wasn’t in the house I would have never done this.  Yes,  it should never had been in the house, but  no one put it in your hand and made you do it.  When he made that choice I feel he ended his life.  I know there are programs that can help you and he’s been in and out of those.  You have to want help, and you must have the strength , and faith in God that you can have the life he chose for you.

I pray everyday that God gives him strength to make the right choice, to take care of his family ,and love his self  because if he can’t love   his self he can’t love anyone else.  I pray for anyone  that has a love one that chose drugs, and I pray for you as I pray for myself because we are going through this with them.


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