Broke My Heart

Sitting here don’t even know where to begin. I got a phone call from the Nursing Home about my mom. They called to tell me my mom was found on the floor ,and she had a bump on her head. You probably could see the smoke coming out my nose. My first question is what do you mean you found her on the floor (this is not the first time they found my mom on the floor) where in the hell was everybody?,is she alright?. She said has to be taken to the hospital, because she fell,and hit her head it is mandatory. She is going to need a CT scan to make sure everything is alright.

I’m hot right now meaning smoke coming from everywhere was on my way out of town. Still on the phone with her she telling me she called the ambulance interrogated her some more to find out she fell on her face, and nobody knew how. No one knew what happen, (bull). I was told it was a little bump when I got to the hospital the bump on my mom head was huge.

Thank The Lord the Ct scan came back with no bleeding on the brain everything was good. I also found out my mom tripped on a big scale, It was ten o clock at night she should have been in the bed ,and it was obvious that no one, or should I say no Aid was in the back with her or even around ,or this wouldn’t had happen.

This is not over with I’m having them investigated. I love my mom and if I could take care of her myself she would be with me. I put her in the nursing home to be taken care of . When I seen my mom in that hospital it broke my heart. She has Alzheimer’s so she don’t even know what’s going on . She do know when she’s hurt. She was very alert I thank God for that and all that he does and all he will do.

I pray everyday that God takes care of my mom ,and I pray everyday for the residents in the nursing homes ,and also the aids that take care of our love ones.

Lord at the end of the day I know it is you and only you that take care of all things.


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