The last post I published was about my heart being broken when my mom fell in the Nursing home.  I went about doing what needed to be done ,and you know what the people  you suppose to report to, act like they don’t care either.  Now I’m looking to hire a lawyer so this will not happen again to my mom or  anyone else love one in a Nursing home.  Today I helped out two of my elderly neighbors a mother and a daughter.  They both have an illness and they try to help each other.  I just thank God that I am able to help them, and they also help me.   I can sit and talk to them for hours they have so much wisdom.  They been there and did that . They have seen so much in their life time.  I believe that God has put me in their life for a reason and their in mine for a reason.  At the end of the day it feels good to help someone in need.


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