The one thing that completely change my life is when my son got jumped. We heard a loud constant knock at the door it was one of my son’s friends.  He told us to hurry my son was laying in the street bleeding . He had just got jumped by some (thugs) that’s what I call them.  My husband went running out the door, on my way out he came back to tell me the ambulance took him and he looked pretty bad.  I went to the hospital , they had beat him mostly in his face and on top of his head.  I get upset every time I think of this.

He was sitting in the emergency room with a towel on his face and head and  I started crying , I couldn’t believe someone (more than one thug) had put their hands on my child.  I wanted revenge all I could think of was rounding up all the men folk in my family and going to shed some blood.  Then I thought , Can’t do it that way too many people would get hurt.  The other thing that got me was my son did not want us to know who did it.  I was so angry I would walk to stop the rage.   I did find out  who it was and what it was about.

To make a long story short I called on God to help me get rid of this anger before I make things worst.  I prayed that he heal my son and take care of the thugs that did this and he did.  The person, which was the leader of the pack  went to jail for some years for something else he did or tried to do. My son’s  wounds starting healing the next day, and I went  to Church and listened to Gods word, and make time to read his word everyday.


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