“Will, Works, or Ways?

Most of us grew up knowing verses like John 3:16 or Jeremiah 29:11….

Where has the purpose of memorizing scripture left our generation? We are unfortunately people that know the works of God, seeking the will of God, but question the ways of God. I can absolutely guarantee you that depression will cause you to question God’s will, works, and ways. Maybe we should be questioning our will, works, and ways. The funny thing is that most people fall into depression due to the lack of control to the life journey we are all on!

“If God is love, then why do I hurt so bad?”
“I am a good Christian so why am I depressed?”
“God is a healer so why am I not healed yet?”

….These may seem like valid questions….but, really they are not valid at all. This thing that we call faith is beyond our human comprehension- so chances are that we are going to have to trust God- A LOT.

Today, I want to challenge you. Many of us think that once we know God’s will, then we can experience His works and see His ways. Truth is that we need to stand firm in His ways, continue in His works, and THEN we will find ourselves in His will!

“Is it God’s will for you to be depressed?”

NO. Depression isn’t an indicator that you are out of His will always. Depression could be a reminder to trust His ways, continue in His works because He has a will for your life. We are all writing a story everyday with our lives- write intentionally.

We seek after God and He writes our story.


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