Posting My Drafts

Had a scare today at my Daughter and granddaughter School. Two different Schools actually three schools were on lock down. Got a message on my phone about eleven this morning saying schools on lock down police are there will call with further notice. I was out the door when I heard that.  They had police from our town, the state,swat trucks ,dogs I was saying to myself this can’t be happening.  You hear about this,and you pray it don’t happen  to you. Then you start  hearing different stories about why the Schools are on lock down, and all you want to do is  get your kids home safe ,and you can’t until they finish their investigation.

To make a long story short they were told their were weapons in the High School so they had to lock down the other two Schools to keep them safe because they are so close together.  Waiting was torture thinking about  how the kids  must be feeling . Happy ending no weapons and all the kids are safe.



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