Accidentally Liked My Own Post

Got an email and found out I liked my post.  Now I’m still fairly new to word press so I’m learning.   I made a mistake, and it’s easy to make mistakes on an iPad.  Love my iPad , but the slightest touch you can publish or send before you ready, or your fingers can touch a button ,and oops too late.

I was called vain you probably think the post was about you. Isn’t that a song.  It was funny ,but I ask myself why can’t we like what we write, why can’t we hit the like button ,or  click on the star. It’s like a pat on the back right?

At the end of the day , that email gave me something to write about.


One thought on “Accidentally Liked My Own Post

  1. Haha. I’ve had a few of those emails. Accidentally pressing like instead of clicking on the icon of the person next to it to see who they are


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