Stranger In My Bed

What would you do if you turned over in your bed, and the person in it you didn’t recognize anymore?. Would you scream?, beat the you know what out of him, or her , or just simply say, you know I don’t even know you anymore. What happen to the person I married, I didn’t sign up for this.

Where is the person I use to communicate with. I could talk to you about anything. Not this silence, like strangers in the bed. Without communication there is no relationship. It’s like coming home to a stranger, oh wait you wouldn’t come home to a stranger. A stranger wouldn’t be in your house unless he broke in.

Sometimes when you married you grow apart, and it takes two to fix it, not one, two. You didn’t marry yourself right?, If you have done all you can just stand, that’s a song by Donny Mcclurkin . Seriously if you have done all you can, and the other person just don’t get it, is it time to say good-bye?. Maybe, depends on how much time you invested in that person, and how much you love him ,or her.

So what should you do to get that stranger out your bed ?,or get back to the way you were, that’s a song too, Barbra Streisand. Try communicating tell him, or her to get it together ,or get the you know what out of your bed. Cause at the end of the day life is too short.


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