My 13 year Old Fixed My Car

Yesterday I took my daughter’s friend home from School like I do everyday.  My daughter got out ,and walked her to the door.  When my daughter got in the car I turned the key  in the ignition ,and my car had no sound ,completely dead.  The radio was playing the lights was on in the car and out ,so I determined it wasn’t my battery.  Called my husband then the mechanic and finally we decided to get the tow truck going.  My daughter got back in the car while I was outside the car talking to my son.  Yes , called him too needed a ride home. My daughter said, “Ma! Is that penny suppose to be there?”. Looking down at my gear the penny was where the gear was suppose to be in park. So I said shoot is that why my car won’t start.  I moved the penny put my car in park ,and it started!.  She saved the day had to call tow truck, and mechanic back  told them never mind ,and we went home and laughed and laughed.  Oh ,and I bought her a smoothie for saving the day.


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