What Do You Do When You Are Having A Bad Day?

In my opinion when you are having a Bad day take a deep breath first. Second think before you speak because you can’t take it back. When you decide to speak don’t say anything you wouldn’t want anybody to say to you. Now if you are having a really bad day go somewhere you can be alone for a minute. Take that deep breath, and say, Self this is not going to get me anywhere blowing up on this person so take a chill pill.

Now if someone confronts you that’s having a Bad day. Take that deep breath again,and again think before you speak. Let that person vent believe me that’s what their doing. After he or she finish venting then you speak in a calm voice addressing their concerns. Now if you still have an angry person in front of you ,walk away let somebody else handle that.

Cause at the end of the day you have done all you can not to go to jail. On a serious note be kind to one another. We can get a lot done that way.


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