Just Sharing

I will be 52 years old this year I have a husband, four kids, three grand kids and they are all little women.   I have a mom in the Nursing home  that I have to keep a constant eye on because no one takes care of your love one like you do.  She was recently in the hospital for Dehydration and a Urinary Tract Infection, so I make sure I’m there everyday to make sure  they are doing what they are suppose to do.  That’s a whole other story she’s been there for about  7 years or more.

Let’s get back to me  at 16 years old I had my first child, at the age of 38 I had my last child.  I have been taking care of people, (family) for a long time and still am.   I Am Tired.   I need somebody to take care of me and it’s just not happening.  I keep saying it’s got to be something better than this.   Don’t get me wrong I Love my family I pray everyday  God keeps them safe and well.  But, Mama needs a long vacation.

I find myself getting easily agitated so probably means I need a break.  I know it’s worst things happening in the world then me complaining,  but it feels good to write it down and share it with my  WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, family.  At The End Of The Day I pray that  God keeps us all safe and well.



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