Is that a word? it is today. Today it mean alright let’s get to it. My day was the same as yesterday ,and the day before that, and the day before that. I take kids to School, go to the Nursing Home, go home for a couple of hours do what i need to do there. Back to the School to pick up kids, back to the Nursing Home to feed my mom, wash her up, and put her to bed, oh before that the kids need to eat. After I feed my mom and put her to bed I’m back home to prepare for the next day which is the same day over again. I’m just saying the Freakin weekend just past and I didn’t have no fun!. Here comes the Freakin weekend again and guess what I’m not going to have no fun again. Sometime you have to laugh to stop from crying.

Thank you Lord for all you do and all you will do.


2 thoughts on ““ALRIGHTY”

  1. Sis, loved your post and just wanted to let you know that I truly understand. I am in that same cycle girl, been in this cycle for several years now. Just wanted to say your not alone and,to quote something from a Joyce Meyers book I once read it is called Woman to Woman in this book she talks about “Surviving the Seasons of Life”. She talks about reaching a certain point in our life’s that we can’t seem to shake or get past. I believe we all feel this way at some point in our lives because the majority of our time is used taking care of everyone else and forgetting the importance of self love.

    “Joyce talks about taking a chance on change and making a choice to be pitiful or powerful she states we can’t be both”. When I read the chapter I was like pitiful Im not pitiful I do a lot for myself as well as others. I kept reading the section until I received a revelation and what she was really saying is God loves us and His plan for us involves a positive attitude and a good life, but if we are to have it, we must decide to make some changes and to let some things go for me it was letting go of all the situations in my life that I have no control over and giving them to God because he can do more then I ever could and to focus on what my purpose is for being here. Im choosing to step out on faith not fear and even though I don’t know what the future holds im going to enjoy the ride! I only say this sis to say what ever you decide to do in life once you make that choice be bold as you already are and stay the course.

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