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No one can do it all, all at once. – Karen Ehman

Welcome to the Bible Study of the Week newsletter, where each week we bring you a new and different Bible study and access to the entire first video session for free! If you enjoyed the original 12 Women of the Bible study, which came out five years ago and has been used by women’s ministries around the world, you’re going to love the all-new 12 More Women of the Bible – with video teachings from some of your favorite Bible instructors: Margaret Feinberg, Lisa Harper, Courtney Joseph, Bianca Olthoff, Chrystal Evans Hurst, and more! This first session with Karen Ehman looks at the Proverbs 31 woman, asking the question, “Did she really do it all… all at once?” and encouraging us to “stop letting comparisons be the boss of you.” Enjoy the video!

The Proverbs 31 Woman: How Not to Do It All
by Karen Ehman, from Twelve More Women of the Bible

Key Scripture: Proverbs 31:10-31

Meeting the Proverbs 31 Woman

This woman is unreal! Literally. All of the other women you will meet in this twelve-session study are captured in a real place and time. Each of their stories comes from a particular context and setting in biblical history.

But not the woman portrayed in Proverbs 31. While she may be based on an actual person, the collection of her qualities and attributes are gathered from a lifetime of experiences and lessons learned. is chapter in Proverbs is not grounded on one moment in time. The portrait painted is a highlight reel, a “best of” collection, a top ten list.

The Proverbs 31 Woman is an ideal meant to inspire you to noble living, passionate leadership, humble service, compassionate care, and authentic faith. She is not meant to discourage you by setting the bar too high. Instead, she is a picture of beauty, grace, kindness, industry, and passion for life, meant to give you hope and inspiration. As you read about this woman of noble character, listen for the whisper of the Holy Spirit. God inspired these words to give you something to strive toward — a vision of who you can be. God loves you as you are, but he also calls you to keep growing into the woman you long to be. Let the Proverbs 31 Woman be your example.


Picture perfect! It is an old saying that continues to cut at our heart and soul. When we view another person and see a snapshot frozen in time, we actually believe the image in front of us tells the whole story. It might be a Christmas picture of a family where everyone is smiling, well dressed, and apparently quite in love with each other. Everyone is delighted to be there, and peace is etched on every face. at is what the picture seems to convey.

Snap! There it is… a perfect family, couple, or life.

In recent years, this picture-perfect life has been expanded from one yearly snapshot to weekly or daily posts on social media. These images become a highlight reel of only the best experiences, the most exciting adventures, the most precious moments, and the happiest happenings. When we see these images, we might forget that any life can look glorious if we push the button at exactly the right moment, delete the pictures that did not turn out well, post only the highlights, and bury the mess and pain that surround these digital moments frozen in time.

At first glance, a couple named Carlos and Maria appeared to have such a picture-perfect life. They had a nice home, new cars, and smiles from ear to ear. A couple of times a year, they would host a party at their home and invite friends, neighbors, and church leaders over. It was a guaranteed afternoon of food, games, and laughter. No one knew that when the party was over, the house grew very silent. Maria and Carlos would both retreat to neutral ground and do their best to get along.

Suzette also seemed to have a picture-perfect existence. She loved life, people, and Jesus most of all. She had lots of friends and possessed a heart to serve those in need. Her voice was beautiful, and everyone at church felt drawn into the presence of Jesus when they heard her sing on the worship team. Her joy was real and deep, but so was her loneliness and depression. She let the joy shine for others to see, but she kept the dark days to herself.

Picture-perfect lives, marriages, and families exist only in fantasy. Real lives are a ruggedly beautiful mosaic made of laughter and tears, victory and defeat, confidence and worry, songs and laments, and a host of other highs and lows. This is true in our lives today and equally true of the people who lived in the days the Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit of God.

Talk About It

Discussion questions…

• Tell a fun story about a picture time with your family that was particularly challenging. How did the picture finally turn out (or not turn out)?

• Tell about a character in the Bible you really appreciate. How is his or her story a combination of both wonderful strengths and honest human struggle?

All of us could have a unique poem written about us. —Karen Ehman

Your Turn

Be sure to visit the blog to watch the video with Karen Ehman, get the rest of the study questions and notes, then share your thoughts on the Proverbs 31 Woman. Are you inspired by her or have you held her picture-perfect life in contempt? What have you learned from Karen’s teaching?

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